The Ultimate Home Seller’s Holiday Wish List

The time to make your Christmas list is finally here. But if you’re selling a home this season, what you really want is something to make your move a little easier. (Not more junk you’ll have to pack and drag to your new home!)

Tell your friends and family to skip the socks and mugs, and let them know that these 7 items are what home sellers really want under their tree this year…


Storage Bins

One of the most daunting tasks in the moving process is packing. Not only do you have to find or buy cardboard boxes, but you have to worry about them being sturdy enough, the right size for your items, and able to withstand the wear that comes with moving. Instead, opt for storage bins. This way, items that you don’t need immediately are safely tucked away for future use. Try these clear bins for easy identification, or these sturdy bins for durability.


Label Maker

The last thing you want to do once you’ve moved into your new home is to wonder where your favorite item is buried, except maybe to open a box and find that item was shattered during the move. Ensure the safety of fragile items and unpack quickly by labeling all your boxes. Here is an easy label maker available online.

Home Decor for Staging

An easy way to peak potential buyers’ interests in your home is by staging it properly. A well-staged home should be clean, modern, and open, and show off your home’s best assets. Decide where your home could use some love and ask for items that will best highlight your home. Could you use a little upgrade on lighting? Do your textiles need updating? Small adjustments in these areas can go a long way- and be put to use as you decorate your new home. Here are some beautiful decorative pillows and mirrors for your home.


Home Improvement Store Gift cards

You need to get that doorknob fixed before the open house. Spending a few dollars at a home improvement store Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware can seem like a waste when you’re preparing to leave the house, but buyers want to purchase a home that’s move-in ready– not one they’ll have to renovate beforehand. Take some of the pressure off with a gift card for new fixtures or paint from one of the big retailers or your favorite local handy-shop.


Take-Out Gift Cards

If your kitchen is already packed– or will be soon, stock up on gift cards to your favorite restaurants. No more digging through boxes for that one pan, simply order in! Make sure to opt for paper plates and disposable silverware so no dishes are necessary. GrubHub is also a great option if your favorite spot doesn’t offer gift certificates.


Cleaning Services and Supplies

A clean house is a quickly sold house, and cleaning supplies can go a lot quicker than you’d imagine. Don’t get caught without the proper sprays, soaps rags and appliances you need for a thorough clean. (And once the house is sold, you’ll still need to clean up the dirt you’ve been marching through after moving!) Try these all natural products and this bagless vacuum cleaner.


Distraction for the Kids

Ok so you’ve sold the house, you’ve packed it up, but what do you do with your rugrats while you move? Ask your friends and family for their love during the move, not to lift the boxes, but to watch the children. See what your local museums and movie theatres offer for camps, gift cards, and entertainment.

There’s an unlimited number of items that appear on your “to-buy” list when preparing to sell a home, so why not shift some of those to your Christmas list, and take the pressure off of yourself?

Remember, the most valuable item you could ask your friends and family for during your move is their time and support. After all, moving can take a lot out of you, especially after the busyness of the holiday season.

Looking for a little extra support while you put your home on the market? We can help you with that. Contact a seller’s agent for more information.

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