How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Every home owner wants their home to sell quickly and bring top dollar. Careful
planning and knowing how to spruce up your home will help you achieve this goal.
Here’s how to prep your home and turn it into a show place:

1. Does your home have curb appeal?

The exterior of your home gives the buyer the 1st impression. Spruce up the mulch, add
perennials for a fresh look. The front door should be freshly painted and with properly
working hardware. For example new house numbers, door handle and door bell. Add a
few brightly colored flowers or potted plants around the door way to create an inviting

2. Create a warm cozy atmosphere in your home.

It’s almost as if you were staging your
own home. Accessorize with clean lines and in combinations of odd numbers of 3 and 5
to create interest. Add texture and color with accessories. For example, add silk pillows, a
chenille throw and some great scented candles for ambience.

3. De-clutter and de-personalize your home.

Put away personal photos and heirlooms.
You don’t want the buyer distracted by looking at your personal photos wondering about
the home owner. You want the buyer to picture themselves living there.

4. The #1 room that influences the buyer’s decision is the kitchen.

It’s become the center of the home, where all the entertaining is done. It’s no longer separated from the living
area. Make the kitchen countertops and cabinet space seem larger by removing clutter off
the counter tops and removing extra pots, pans and dishes in the cabinets.
Make countertops, cabinets and appliances shine.
Place a bowl of fresh fruit and flowers on the counter.

5. Clean out closets.

The rule is if you haven’t used it in 1 year, you probably won’t miss
it.. Donate unused items to charity, or have a yard sale. Put all like items together in your
closet. For example: hang all shirts together , all pants together, facing the same direction,
and then colorize. It gives the buyer a sense that the owner is neat , organized and has
taken care of their home.

6. The bathroom is another major influential selling feature to buyers.

Create a spa like atmosphere. Place a basket filled with spa treatment items ie lotions,
scented soaps and moisturizers on the vanity. Display folded towels in a basket . Add
scented candles or a diffuser to create a relaxing mood.

7. Make all minor repairs.

  • Consider a fresh coat of paint.
  • Replace cracked tiles and counter tops.
  • Re- caulk tub and shower.
  • Fix any leaking faucets.
  • Clean all carpets. If stains can not be removed, you may consider new carpets.

8. Remove pet odors.

By painting and cleaning the carpets, this should resolve this issue.

9. Have your property inspected by a professional home inspector.

It’s better to know upfront and have any issues addressed prior to listing your home.
Once the inspection is complete , decide which items are priorities. For example: are you
going to get your money back if you install a new water heater? Maybe you only need to
make a small repair.

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