Cozy Up Your Home This Fall

November is here, and as much as we’d like to ignore it, colder weather is upon us. 

Lucky for you, gray skies don’t have to mean it’s time to retreat into drab hibernation in your home! There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your home in preparation for winter, turning those dark indoor days into cozy, comfortable ones. Follow these simple steps for warming up your living space this season. . .

Let light set the mood

When the nights get darker earlier, it far too tempting to go to bed at 7 p.m. Instead, resist bedtime without harsh overhead lighting, by adjusting table lamps with warm-toned LED lights. The for a cozy glow will keep you calm, yet awake.

Candles are another key ingredient to a comfortable atmosphere. Not only do they add to the soft lighting you’re looking for, but they can also add scent to your space! Opt for seasonal scents to inspire your desired mood, like a coconut/floral summery scent to remind you of the sun, or sugar cookie scent to prepare you for the holidays.

Texturize with textiles

Cotton and linen are great for warm, Summer months, but heavier fabrics will hold in the warmth you crave in Fall and Winter. Update your bedding with flannel or jersey sheets and a heavier comforter. Plush throws, sheepskins, and quilts make for a much more inviting, cozy space. Cover surfaces in as many luxurious fabrics and pillows as you can find. Use this as an excuse to splurge on those decorative pillows!

Carry this over to the heart of the home, too! Introduce your kitchen to Autumn using darker, natural window coverings and similar table textiles for a cozy effect. Add a Fall-themed kitchen rug in front of the sink and linen slipcovers to your cafe chairs. These will look great juxtaposed with the crispness of fruit and gords on your table, and anytime you can layer some fabric between yourself and bare wood or tile, you’ll feel much warmer.

Feed the plants

Houseplants are fantastic year-round decorations because they typically require little upkeep and add a touch of freshness to any space. They are particularly lovely in Fall because they can double as herb gardens or unique decor.

As the ground begins to cool outside, prepare to keep your indoor plants feeling fresh during the season. Install a small indoor garden on a window sill near the kitchen to have easy access to fresh rosemary, sage, and basil and other desired greens when the weather might not call for gardening.

The leaves changing color indicates the next season is upon us, and your home decor should follow suit. Prevent the negative effects of cold, gray days by warming up your home with these simple tricks.

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