When is the Best Time to Sell A Home

No matter what leads you to put your home on the market, you probably want to sell your house fast and at top dollar. While it’s your property and you can choose to sell at any time of the year, there are a few seasons of selling that may be better for your stress levels and your bank account.

The condition of the market and the time of year are two of the most important factors to consider when preparing your home for market. Selling at the right time means you can sell your house quickly and at a high asking price, and your local agent can help you determine the best time to sell your home.

When you discuss home selling strategies with your realtor, they will likely suggest putting your house on the market during Summer season. If you peruse realty sites like Zillow and Trulia, you will find that the maximum numbers of listings are posted at the end of the Spring and the beginning of the Summer.

Early Summer is the time of year when school has ended and families with kids can get into a new home with enough time to register for classes the following year. Additionally, days are longer during this time of the year, giving more hours for buyers to devote to their house hunt. Plus, there’s optimum light in the evening for those buyers dropping by to view your home after they get out of work.

In Summer there is also the benefit of good weather conditions, allowing you to impress potential buyers with landscaping and curb appeal.

This is the time of the year when flowering plants blossom, grass is green and the outer attractions of your home can shine. In locations where snow can build several feet high, warmer months are especially important in the process. Zillow says that homes listed at this time of the year sell 2 weeks faster and fetch an extra $2500 for the owners.

It can be a good idea to research the month where the maximum numbers of homes in your area are typically sold. Then, plan to list your home 2-3 weeks before that month begins. For example, if most homes in your area are bought in May, you should list your house in mid-April. Putting your house on the market does not happen overnight, you’ll need to plan ahead.

While most realtors will tell you that late Spring and early Summer are the best times to sell your house, the whole process is largely dependent on the market.

There are plenty of locations where a home may sell exceptionally well in the Fall or Winter. Finances and the time and effort you put into the home-selling endeavor can also affect best the timing of your sale. If you can’t put energy into selling in the Spring, another season may be better. In the end, selling and buying a home is a different experience for each person and each market.

This year, mortgage rates are inching lower and lower which may mean Spring buying season will come sooner than usual.

Their Chief Economist explains, “Wages are growing on par with home prices for the first time in years, and with more inventory available, spring home sales should help the market begin to recover from the malaise of the last few months.” The National Association of REALTORS® reported  that more houses were on the market in January, rising to 1.59 million nationwide and at a 3.9-month supply at the current sales pace. (And our recent numbers match this trend!)

It is always prudent to consult your broker about the best time to sell. They can ease the stress of researching the market, as they will already be aware of its conditions, and ultimately earn you more from your sale.

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