5 Insider Secrets for Success in Real Estate

Success in any industry is difficult to define, and the real-estate business is no exception. Regardless of the personal goals you’ve set for yourself or the type of properties you’ve chosen to focus on, there are a few “secrets” to getting on the path towards success that we wanted to share with you:



Being a successful real estate agent depends on many things, but having a plan is a good start. Without a plan, there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Even if you’re not exactly sure where you want to be, a flexible plan is better than no plan at all. If you’re looking to join an established team, be sure to understand what THEIR plan is. Ask and learn about the clients they serve, which types of real estate will be your focus, and how they’ll support you as an agent.


As a real estate agent in 2019 and beyond, it’s important to know the community you serve. Even more important, however, is to ensure that your community knows YOU. By networking in your area and beginning genuine relationships, doors will begin to open up. Creating and maintaining social media channels and/or a website where you’re consistently adding valuable tips and advice that your ideal clients need is a great way to establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your area. Even if the people you reach are NOT currently looking to buy or sell property, they are more likely to share your information with family and friends who need your services if they see you, consistently, as someone they can trust to help. 


Real estate agent takes time and hard work to pay off. Don’t expect to start making a profit in your first week of being a real estate agent. The area you live in is a huge factor in how successful you can be. Setting realistic expectations will help from keeping getting you discouraged. By joining an established team like Nestlewood Realty, you can bypass a lot of the struggle most new agents face through the guidance of experience.


Communication is key. Attracting new clients requires patience, empathizing and respectful communication.  Buying a home is a huge life changing moment and when your client trusts you they will likely send referrals to you for years down the road. Being understanding of the magnitude of the process to each and every client will be crucial for your success.

If one client has a very positive interaction with you, they will likely spread your information around their circles and act as a ‘word of mouth” marketing engine.


The first step towards success is believing that you can achieve it. Ditch that fixed mindset and embrace the growth mindset! Just remember not every day is going to be a good day but there is some good in every day.

If you are interested in joining an established team, reach out to us at Nestlewood today!

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