Paul Ryan Featured in the Meck Times!

Head broker & founder at Nestlewood Realty, Paul Ryan, was recently featured in the Meck Times! Check out a snipped of the feature below & click the link to download & read the entire article.

Paul Ryan – no, not that Paul Ryan – has large brown eyes, so deep you know they’ve seen good
times and bad. They droop ever so slightly away from the bridge of his nose to rest on his generous cheeks, and On the Level would be tempted to call them sad, but this gentle bear of a real estate man is not remotely sad. He’s just – well, pick your term – philosophical, sanguine, been around. And intends to stay that way. Ryan is the kind of guy, been through the kinds of things he has, that you just can’t help but enjoy the success he now has with his company, Nestlewood Realty. And he’s man enough to share credit for it with the friends who helped him get here instead of glorifying himself.

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