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The Home Decor Trends We Can’t Stop Raving About

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Whether you’re upgrading your home to prepare for sale or to enjoy for yourself, these are the interior design style trends everyone is talking about this year.


Bold Headboards

Imagine having sweet dreams at home under gorgeous fabrics. Try upholstering your headboard in a jew-toned velvet to add a touch of sophistication in your bedroom. Even better, help your bed stand out with a textural, out-of-the-box headboard! Use ceiling-to-floor curtains, mirrors, and floating shelves to elevate your bed’s look.

Canopy Beds

If your bedroom is large enough to accommodate, make a big statement with a canopy bed! Whether they are traditionally styled or are more modern, there is a canopy bed that goes perfectly with every bedroom design. From old-world four-post beds with curtains and plenty of flounce, to a more sleek and modern white canopy bed with minimal details.

Boudoir Vanities

The retro-inspired boudoir vanity is *officially* back on trend, and it’s an easy addition to any design style. The best part? They’re totally functional! Vanities are perfect for an awkward corner in the room, or to create a shocking visual impact with an oversized mirror in the middle of a wall. Choose any color, texture, and material for your space, but we suggest going unexpected.



Darken the Mood

Optic white isn’t going anywhere, but designers are leaning towards moody, matte kitchens this year. Set the tone with a rich and unexpected color for a more nuanced look. The antithesis to the tendency to go for all-white kitchens, black and moodier hued kitchen design ideas add a sense of drama to any home, are easier to manage, and are an elegant alternative to standard ivories. Finish off with slick matte touches.

Custom Pieces

If standing out with bold colors and textures isn’t enough, opt for handmade, custom furniture pieces. Further, know and understand where your pieces come from by commissioning its build! Companies like Tuckaseegee Timberworks, Hedrick Custom Designs, and Barden Built Remodeling can work with you to build exactly what you envision for your kitchen.



Art Deco

Art deco influence has come in and out of the limelight several times over the past 90+ years. It began trickling into design in 2018, but will become more prominent this year. From color shift (lots of pinks!) to textile design and furniture silhouettes, expect Gatsby-inspired looks to populate the market.

Natural Elements

Tech-centered decor dominated interior design last year. In response, designers are shifting toward fresh, natural elements in accents, furniture, decor, and even wallpaper. Materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite will be more prominent. Floral accents and floral wallpaper can lighten and soften the ambiance of the room. Push the boundaries of where you can incorporate these pieces.

Artisinal Lighting Fixtures

The installation of unique fixtures can elevate any space. Vintage lights, pendants, and sconces in brass and copper finishes are making their comeback in 2019. Designers are pushing for homeowners to mix and match metals and be more expressive with their lighting choices.

The overarching theme of the year can be summed up in two words: Go Bold. Mirroring the world around us, designers urge homeowners to turn up the volume in their rooms this year.

Thanks to our friends at Decor Aid, Elle Decor, West Elm, Oh Joy! + on Instagram for inspiring this post. For more on styling your home for sale, give one of our seller’s agents a call.

4 Easy (And Cheap!) Ways to Improve Your Landscaping

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Is your property looking drab during these winter months? It may be time to update your home’s landscaping!

Your landscape is more than just a way to increase the curb appeal of your home when you’re ready to sell. A welcoming landscape is a perfect way to turn your property into an inviting outdoor space for family and friends. Regardless of the motivation, there are several quick fixes that can be done in a weekend (or less!) to make your yard instantly more attractive, without breaking the bank.

1.) Power Clean

It may sound basic, but if you haven’t spruced up your yard in a bit, the first thing you need to do is clean. This means taking the time to rake, prune and pull as much as you can in your yard. Start with one area to tackle first– probably your front yard, and deep clean. Remove leaf debris from the ground, dead buds in your planters and trim neglected, overgrown bushes that have lost their shape. This also includes scrubbing or power washing your walkway and driveway.

Have a high-traffic area that’s constantly in need of cleaning? Consider adding walkways between doors and storage areas or from the driveway to the front porch, as needed.

2.) Use Ground Cover

When you imagine a lush front lawn, you likely don’t see the financial burden of keeping your grass green. Many homeowners deal with dry, patchy, and weeded lawns simply by re-sodding the yard, but this can cost several thousand dollars– especially if professionally installed. Grass also requires a hefty amount of water and may need fertilizer and weed treatments as well, all of which will significantly impact your bottom line.

To combat these costs, use an easy-maintenance ground cover like thyme, bishop’s weed or lamium over the sections you want to hide. Not only will you save money on ground cover, but the maintenance is also easier and less costly over time.

3.) Keep it Evergreen

If you live in an area where winter months mean sparse trees and brown plantlife, opt for evergreens. Your front yard will shine all year long if you fill it with a collection of evergreens like boxwood shrubs, holly, juniper, and spindle tree. Choose varieties with different shapes, colors, and textures to create a glowing garden with little effort (and replanting).

4.) Add Small Touches of Color and Fun

The simplest addition of small pots of flowers, whimsical decor, and water features or the use of rocks in your landscaping can add personality to your yard. Plant colorful flowers that you love and that will draw attention to your home. Consider adding a flower bed border (a simple stone edge and mulch to pretty up your flower bed) to clean up your curb appeal.

Remember, if you select annual flowers that die every year, you’re going to wind up spending a lot of cash on replanting. Instead, buy perennials like alstroemeria, catmint, and coreopsis that will return each year with just as beautiful colorful leaves and flowers.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements of your personal aesthetic into your landscape design to add to the comfort and warmth of your home, even if you plan on selling soon. Buyers will be happy to move to a property that’s been well groomed and taken care of.

Interested in preparing your property for a sale? Our diverse team is ready to meet your needs. Contact a Nestlewood agent today at [email protected] or by calling 704.302.4464.

Understanding the Key Parts of a Real Estate Purchasing Contract

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A real estate purchase contract, also known as a “contract to purchase real estate” or a “residential purchase agreement,” is a binding, bilateral agreement between two or more parties. The purchase contract is the key to your real estate transaction. Not only does it make your purchase or sale official, but it also protects both the buyer and the seller, ensuring that all expectations are clear.

Purchase agreements can vary from one state to the next but generally contain the same key elements. In some regions, agreements are concise and serve primarily to open the negotiation process, while in other regions, the purchase agreement may be an in-depth, legally binding contract.

The U.S. Statute of Frauds requires that all real estate contracts must be in writing or they’re not enforceable, and must be signed by both the buyer and the seller. (Handshakes are a thing of the past!) An experienced real estate lawyer or agent will be able to help you put this together, but a real estate purchase contract should also include the following:

Identification of the parties

And a description of their role


A description of the property

Including the address, condition, and legal description


Price accepted by the seller

And means by which it will be paid


Deposit amount

And means by which it will be paid


Closing dates and costs

And who is responsible for costs


Itemized additional costs and who is responsible for paying

Including inspections, appraisals, etc.


Contingencies that must be met before the sale can go through

Might include problems with the inspection, appraisal, financing or title


Fixtures and appliances that are included

And what moves with the seller


Required disclosures

Like termite damage, lead paint, etc.


Delivery, acceptance and expiration dates

Exactly when the purchase agreement will expire if not accepted



Terms by which either party can back out of the agreement


The signatures of each party

Acceptance of the terms must be communicated. At this point, the offer becomes a legally binding contract

Having competent lawyers and agents in your corner who can draft a solid legal contract can help to prevent a good deal from going bad, but it’s still important to understand the elements of your real estate purchase and sale agreement.

As with any legal document, it’s essential to review a contract thoroughly. If anything is unclear, ask your Nestlewood agent and attorney. And even if you don’t see any red flags, ask questions anyway. You want to be especially careful when considering contingencies, disclosing information about the property, and deciding on deadlines.


5 Steps to Improving Your Home’s Appraisal Value

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Whether you’re refinancing or looking for a fair price for your home, you’ll need an appraisal before you take your home to market. An appraisal is primarily based on recent sales prices of comparable properties, but in thriving markets, those sales prices might not be high enough to support the newest deals. (They can even drive down the price of your home!)

Even though the appraisal process is supposed to be objective, there are actually a number ways you can boost your home’s value. Appraisers look at factors like your home’s square footage, features, and condition, and compare them to other comparable homes in your area. While you may not be able to change your property’s size, you can follow these easy adjustments that will improve your home’s appraisal value.

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Step into the Mindset of a Buyer

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What do Home Buyers Really Want in a House?

Don’t let the “small stuff” sabotage your sale.

As a home seller, you probably hear this advice a lot– and that’s for a good reason. Investing time and money on the turn-offs in your home can alleviate potential buyer hesitations and lead to a quicker, higher priced sale. So what qualifies as the “small stuff?” What details are home buyers really looking for in a house?

When you’re preparing to sell, take a second to step into the mindset of the buyer. They are probably looking for a home that fits their spatial needs, design preferences and ideal budget. Here are some selling points you can highlight in your home to capitalize on a home buyer’s wants and needs.

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4 Features That Will Help You Get a Higher Price On Your House

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These Features Will Help You Get a Higher Price on Your House

In order to know how much your home is really worth, you have to know what affects its value. The real market value of your home includes more than just your home’s size and amenities; it also includes perks of the location itself. Don’t sell your home short by forgetting to advertise all of its best features.

Can’t find any obvious attention-grabbers in your house? Create them. Here are several renovations and updates you can do in your home to bump its value.

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4 ways to take “close to home” to heart this season.

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Giving Back Close to Home During the Holidays

In the midst of the season of giving, we often wonder what we have to offer our community and those in need. Most people immediately think of donating money or goods during the holidays or may offer their time at a local organization. But have you considered that your biggest asset– your home — is one of the easiest and best ways to give back? Here are four ways you can take “close to home” to heart this season.

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5 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Big

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Your bathroom should be a place of comfort; a haven for relaxing in the tub and an efficient hub for getting ready in the morning. Most bathrooms are cramped, awkwardly designed and difficult to work with, but even the simplest changes can make the tiniest bathroom seem spacious.

While a bathroom might not be the first room a potential buyer asks about, it truly can make or break the sale. To ensure buyers’ interest in your house, follow these seven strategies for updating your bathrooms.


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What is the Seller’s Role in the Listing Process?

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There are many steps in selling your house, and a listing is one of them. In 2017, 89% of sellers used a real estate agent when selling their home, but successfully selling a house requires a partnership between a seller and an agent. Here’s what you can do to fulfill your role in the listing process. . .

When preparing to sell, it’s important to find a listing agent who will put your home on the market and looks after your financial interests. The first step you can take to hasten the listing process is to understand your agent’s policies before entering in the partnership. You’ll want to make sure you know how commission and fees will be paid before signing a contract with an agent, as this will be the monetary motivation for your realtor. Also, before you decide on the commission, be sure your agent can explain the pros and cons of paying a higher commission than competing properties, especially when there are many competing homes.

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Cozy Up Your Home This Fall

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November is here, and as much as we’d like to ignore it, colder weather is upon us. 

Lucky for you, gray skies don’t have to mean it’s time to retreat into drab hibernation in your home! There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your home in preparation for winter, turning those dark indoor days into cozy, comfortable ones. Follow these simple steps for warming up your living space this season. . .

Let light set the mood

When the nights get darker earlier, it far too tempting to go to bed at 7 p.m. Instead, resist bedtime without harsh overhead lighting, by adjusting table lamps with warm-toned LED lights. The for a cozy glow will keep you calm, yet awake.

Candles are another key ingredient to a comfortable atmosphere. Not only do they add to the soft lighting you’re looking for, but they can also add scent to your space! Opt for seasonal scents to inspire your desired mood, like a coconut/floral summery scent to remind you of the sun, or sugar cookie scent to prepare you for the holidays.

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